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Thru the Chute Cardboard Boat Race (New Braunfels)

The Thru the Chute Boat Race & River Expo is a cardboard boat race held annually at the New Braunfels City Tube Chute. Competitors launch their handmade vessels through the Chute as spectators cheer them on.

Between races, guests are encouraged to participate in educational and imaginative activities hosted by event partners on the banks of the Comal River at the City Tube Chute. The beloved New Braunfels event has been attracting spectators since the race began in 2011. The race includes a timed event with a simple objective — the boat that touches the wall at the end of the chute, which uses rushing water to propel tubers down a water slide-like structure, the fastest, wins.


Photos courtesy of New Braunfels Convention & Visitors Bureau.