Bar | Small/Mid Market

Paramount Recreation Club (Amarillo)

Hidden in the basement of The Barfield, Autograph Collection hotel in Amarillo, Texas, is Paramount Recreation Club, a revived speakeasy. First operated by the building’s original developer, Melissa Dora Oliver-Eakle, an advocate for prohibition and a savvy Amarillo businesswoman, this secret spot was her ironic nod to the era’s clandestine culture.

With its original structure and name, Paramount Recreation Club is now known as Amarillo’s best unkept secret. Pouring classically inspired cocktails and vintage spirits; clean sport, congenial friends and a hearty welcome are waiting for you.

Access to this underground oasis requires a secret: identifying the right lever on its vintage cigarette machine. A clue lies in the speakeasy’s namesake. Paramount Recreation Club stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the prohibition era, promising a night of sophistication and mystery that transcends time.

Photos by Gavin Peters Photography & Chriselda Photography.