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Texas Arts & Music Festival (Brenham)

The Texas Arts & Music Festival in Brenham is credited with the creation of larger-than-life masterful murals that adorn many of Downtown’s historic buildings and bring thousands of tourists throughout the year to stare in awe. They are in large part the reason Lonely Planet described Brenham as a place where “legendary past is woven together with a modern vibe.”

Every October, the Texas Arts & Music Festival brings live music and world-renowned mural artists to create live art installations for the public to enjoy in historic Downtown Brenham.

The festival and concerts are free to the public and offer family-friendly fun celebrating the arts. Festivities include an art village, children’s business fair, plein air painting, live music, craft food trucks, and activities to encourage the arts. In addition to the beautification of Downtown Brenham, the Texas Arts and Music Festival donates any profits to educational resources that support local arts.

While visitors can expect a colorful, fun-filled weekend full of art, music, shopping, and dining in beautiful Downtown Brenham at the Texas Arts & Music Festival on the third weekend in October, it’s the long-term impact it creates that sets it apart.

Photos by Natalie Lacy Lange.