photo by Douglas Friedman

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Lutie’s Garden Restaurant


Opened in April 2021, Lutie’s Garden Restaurant is located within the Commodore Perry Estate, a historic architectural landmark and private retreat in Austin, Texas. The restaurant is named after Lutie Perry, wife of Commodore Edgar Perry; both were prominent business and civic leaders and the original owners of the grounds. Designed by local architecture firm Clayton Korte with interiors by powerhouse stylemaker Ken Fulk, Lutie’s evokes the warm hospitality and convivial spirit of the property’s Jazz Age legacy. The restaurant transports guests to a contemporary garden retreat, with a covered terrace overlooking the lush estate gardens. Key features include tumbled black-and-white stone floors, green latticework ceiling hung with plants, a grand oak bar lit by retro Murano glass chandeliers, and custom bespoke floral pattern upholstered pieces.