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Floyd’s Wine Lounge


One part of downtown Brenham has been untouched for years but is coming to life due to new businesses like Floyd’s Wine Lounge. What was once a storage unit full of gym equipment is now renovated into a vibrant wine lounge full of neon pink and complete with a beautiful back patio.

Pete and Jennifer, the owners of Floyd’s Wine Lounge, moved to Brenham just a few months prior to Covid hitting in 2020. While being quarantined, and having way too much time on their hands, the idea of a wine lounge came into play and was brought to life in November 2021. Floyd’s Wine Lounge got its name from the owners’ accessory-loving, 13-year-old Labrador retriever. Pictures of Floyd with his neon pink glasses can be found throughout the space.

Floyd’s is open six days a week and offers a variety of wine, wine cocktails, beer, and finger foods. This unique bar fills the gap Brenham was missing regarding night life. With live music every weekend, the Lounge also hosts a variety of events. There is never a dull moment when you walk through the pink door at Floyd’s Wine Lounge in Downtown Brenham, Texas!